The Boy Friend

The Boyfriend musical performed by Reading Operatic SocietyReading Operatic Society performed Sandy Wilson’s affectionate three act pastiche of the 1920s, The Boyfriend, at The Hexagon Reading on 26-30 September 2006.

A cast of 43 featured principals Lori Janke as Hortense, Jenni Simmonds as Maisie, Tania Pratt as Polly Browne, Emma Curtis as Dulcie, Samantha Fields as Fay, Helen Wigmore as Nancy, Lee Anderson as Pierre, Kevin Goodfellow as Marcel, Andrew Phillips as Alphonse, Maggie Preston as Madame Dubonnet, Harry Goff as Bobby Van Husen, Keith Lawrence as Percival Browne, Tony Slevin as Tony, Raymond Burton as Lord Brockhurst, Yvonne Maynard as Lady Brockhurst, Tanya Beaney, Abigail Clarke, Barbara Moore and Jennamarie Smith as Girls and Gerry Morris as Gendarme / Waiter. The producer and choreographer was Jill Morgan and musical director John Lawes, alongside the Reading Operatic Society’s residential production team – David Parsonson production manager, Carol Hodgkinson stage manager and Geoff Bamford lighting designer.


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